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Events organiser Pete Chambers

Throughout 2009 there were eleven 2-Tone plaques unveiled at various locations on Coventry's 2-Tone Trail. Each one giving a glimpse of the fascinating history of bands like The Specials and the Selecter. As well as the iconic 2-Tone record label itself, a label that helped to launch the careers of other ska-based bands such as Madness and the Beat. Each unveiling and various other events will combined to create a fitting tribute to this incredibly infectious and extraordinary aware brand of music that is marking its 30th anniversary in 2009.


Fused mags review of the trail from James Drakeford

Andy Byrne does the 2-Tone Trail

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BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Events photos

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Lynval Golding

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Linked Event(s)

January 15th
Canal Basin
Horace Panter and Roddy Byers

Coventry Market

Setting The 2 Tone,photographic exhibition the Lock Gallery

February 27th
Binley Oak
Pauline Black, Neol Davies & Deputy Lord Mayor

Binley Oak

Allskas record live at the Binley Oak

March 27th
51 Albany Rd,Birthplace of 2-Tone
Lynval Golding & Charley Anderson

Pete & Julie Chambers

Walt's 30th Birthday Bash in Coventry Market

May 14th
Horizon Studios site on Rocket Pub
Nev Staple and Buster Bloodvessel

Shoekings of Cov Market

The Specials Are Back In Town, A week of events at Borders Bookshop

July 24th

Tiffany's Nightclub (Central Library)

Everett Morton,Paul Heskett,Aitch Bembridge & Ranking Roger

CV One

In A Club Like This, Question & Answer Session at Tiffany's

August 30th

Mr George’s plaque/Lower Precinct

Trevor Evans &Felix Hall

Lower Precinct

Mr George Knows Don't Argue, Live concert with Allskas & Tones in Lower Precinct and Sunday Night-Monday Morning, DJ set and aftershow at Warehouse Club

September 11th

Holyhead Youth Club (now Artspace)

High Commission for St Vincent & The Grenadines Mr. Cenio Lewis KCMG, Coventry’s Lord Mayor Councillor Jack Harrison, Ray King and Neol Davies

Harris Signs Group

Before There Was Two Tone, There Was, concert with Selecter & Allskas, Ego Rocks, Cardboard and guests at West Indian Centre

October 2nd

Coventry University
(The Lanch)

Horace Panter

Coventry University

More Than Two Tones, Music Exhibition at the Herbert

November 6th

Heath Hotel

Silverton Hutchinson and Neol Davies

Special Brew

Concert at The General Wolfe

November 27th

The Hand and Heart

Steve'Cardboard' Eaton

Harrabin Construction

The Cats at the Dog, 2-Tone band The Swinging Cats reform for an afternoon of words and music.

December 11th

Virgin Records/Soul Hole

Pete Waterman OBE, John'Brad'Bradbury, The Lord Mayor and Pete Chambers

Kev Monks

The launch party of the 2-Tone Trail complete With the Tones, Special Brew and DJ Cardboard

John Coles master photographer, many of his photos are on this site

Without these guys 2-Tone @ 30 would not
have been possible.

Pete Chambers is proud to wear Ace Face Tonics

Huge thanks to Derek Harris and Harris Signs Group for making and installing the plaques