2-TONE @ 30

Borders Events & Horizon Studios plaque

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May-from Saturday 9th to Friday 15th, Borders  staged a week of 2-Tone celebrations, including a 2-tone Pop Quiz, a 2-Tone themed Comedy improve night, The Allska's playing live in-store. On the Thursday 14th we unveiled The Horizon Studio plaque.


Nev and Buster do the honours

Allskas live at the Rocket with 'Select' guests
Photo by Pete Bowery

The brilliant Wow Improv team Ghost Town it
at Borders

Cov Support video of event

Cov Support report

BBC Midlands Today news item

Hannah Tobins from the BBC's picture report

My Coventry Telegraph preview


John Coles master photographer, many of his photos are on this site

Without these guys 2-Tone @ 30 would not
have been possible.

Pete Chambers is proud to wear Ace Face Tonics

Huge thanks to Derek Harris and Harris Signs Group for making and installing the plaques