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Mr George Plaque

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Review of the last plaque unveiling..

On Sunday 30th August, the Mr George nightclub was given a plaque, in honour of its involvement in the Specials story, it was here the Specials (then known as The Automatics), began a four month residency that would begin their rise to stardom. Predictably the Lower Precinct was awash last weekend with pork pie hats and Doc Marten boots. The event began with one of the city’s finest new bands the Tones, following them the  2 Tone Trail plaque was unveiled by Trevor Evans and Felix Hall. These guys are The Specials tour DJ’s and Trevor was a roadie in those Mr George days, and both were happy to do the honours. Also up from London for the event was Roadent, the man who introduced Jerry Dammers to the Clash Manager Bernie Rhodes and was also famously The Sex Pistols and Clash Roadie. He gave us a great insight to some of the goings on at the club on the night The Sex pistols played there. Then on came The Allskas with guests Aitch and Gaps, who played a perfect set.


The night was topped off at The Warehouse, where Trevor and Felix played to the gathered 2 Tone fans some top dub n ska tunes, as we watched the graffiti artists at work creating a superb 2 tone wall. It was a fantastic day with people coming from all over the country to be in Coventry, especially Sasha Elminger and Paul Roigard who had travelled from Melbourne Australia. “When we hear Coventry we always think of The Specials” said Paul, “it’s what Coventry is most famous for around the world, so it’s great to be here for this plaque event”.

Felix & Trev do the honours
Photo by John Coles

The Allskas and The Tones
Photo by John Coles

Cardboard,Trev, Felix and Aitch-The Aftershow
Photo by John Coles

Covsupports video of the event (sorry about the echo)

My Cov Telegraph review of the event

Covsupport review of the event

My Coventry Telegraph preview of the event

The mighty Allskas playing live at the event.

Aftershow video ad



John Coles master photographer, many of his photos are on this site

Without these guys 2-Tone @ 30 would not
have been possible.

Pete Chambers is proud to wear Ace Face Tonics

Huge thanks to Derek Harris and Harris Signs Group for making and installing the plaques