2-TONE @ 30

Nuneaton Town Charity football match and ska weekender

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The 2-Tone 'Selecter' XI

The Allskas in full flight

2-Tone weekend 

Last weekend saw a weekend feast of 2-Tone delight at Nuneaton Town Football Club, where Saturday saw a celebrity football match between a Nuneaton/Coventry all-star team Vs a 2-Tone celebrity 'Selecter' XI. Despite losing 9-2, the 2-Tone stars put on a good show against the ex-professionals, and entertained the crowd on a beautiful summer’s day. The team included goal scorer Aitch Bembridge and Gapps Hendrickson from the Selecter, thirteen-year-old Elliot Evans star of Britains Got Talent,Paul Heskett who played brass for the Specials, the Enemy’ bass man Andy Hopkins, music management supremo John Dawkin, former Rugby Union England International Darren Garforth and Bafta winning Geoff Thompson who played a blinder in goal, led by manager Graham Wilson (who also scored for the 2-Tone celebs). They lost to a Kirk Stevens side that included City favourites David Bust and Paul Culpin.

The day continued with ska music, all punctuated with good causes and events at the Liberty Way ground designed to make as much money for Tiny Tim’s Childrens Centre in Whitefriars Coventry as possible. This even included Special Brew 2-Tone beer, bottled with a distinctive 2-Tone chequered label exclusively for the weekend (though a few of these collector’s items can still be found at Nuneaton Towns Liberty Stadium. The night finished with ska kings The Allskas revving the scooter crowd to fever pitch, with a blistering set that included Aitch and guest spots from Gaps and Paul Heskett with toasting from Specials personal DJ Trevor ’ET’ Evans and Steve ‘Cardboard’ Eaton, the band who are led by the enigmatic Pete Ryder, have easily surpassed tribute-band status and have become an eternity all their own.

The next day featured a scooter ride-out of the 2-Tone Trail, with members of 3 Aces Scooter Club and The All Or nothing Scooter Club combined to visit the various 2-Tone plaques and sites in the city including Coventry Central Library, The Canal basin and The Birthplace of 2-Tone Earlsdon’s 51 Albany Road. The All Or Nothing Scooter Club had collected an additional 100 towards the charity matching a donation by Harry Shaw Business Computers.

Pete Chambers who helped to organise the event said, “This weekend has been wonderful, it’s put a lot of smiles on a lot of faces, all for a really good cause. I personally had a great time this weekend, as it was the first football match I have ever took part in and the first time I have ever been on a scooter and the music on the night was just incredible”.

The events were organised by 3 Aces scooter Club,Dawn Towers and Paul Roberts as part of Pete Chambers continuing 2-Tone @ 30 events.

Our very own 2-Tone @ 30 ale

The scooter 2-Tone Trail ride out.

Coventry Telegraphs news report of the football event


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John Coles master photographer, many of his photos are on this site

Without these guys 2-Tone @ 30 would not
have been possible.

Pete Chambers is proud to wear Ace Face Tonics

Huge thanks to Derek Harris and Harris Signs Group for making and installing the plaques