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Cardboard does the honours

The Cats at the Dog, John & Paul of the Swinging Cats

Dom,Linzi,Terry, John and Paul the Swinging Cats

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The Cats at the Dog

On Friday 27th November the penultimate 2-Tone plaque went up at the site of the Hand & Heart pub in Far Gosford Street. The plaque sponsored by Harrabin Construction, was unveiled by legendary ska DJ Steve ’Cardboard’ Eaton. Steve is Coventry’s snappiest dresser and original DJ at the popular Hand & Heart venue. He was also the face on the cover of the Selecter album, “Too Much Pressure”. Far Gosford Street has been designated Coventry’s cultural quarter, so it’s fitting that a 2-Tone plaque should the first ‘cultural’ icon of the area.  The Hand and Heart pub played host to the emerging Coventry punk scene in the late 1970’s.  Reggae band Hardtop 22 played there a few months later key members of the band would form the core of the Selecter.  On February 23rd 1978 a band called the Coventry Automatics played the venue, on  Friday 1st December 1978 they returned as the Specials.

The events continued at The Dog & Trumpet in Hertford Street with the return of Coventry’s 2 Tone band the Swinging Cats. Original members John Shipley and Paul Heskett along with Dom Hazell and Terry Downes and Linzi and Steve Eaton, played a short selection of classic ‘Cats’ songs including Never On  A Sunday and 'Mantovani.  Paul Heskett also gave us a fascinating reading from his book, ‘the work in progress’ tales From The Two Tone City.

Organiser Pete Chambers said, “Seeing the Swinging Cats back together was a wonderful experience. The audience knew they were watching history in the making, so it’s no surprise they demanded an encore. Even better news is the ‘hint’ that this may be a catalyst to a full Swinging Cats return next year.”

Covsupport video of the event

Covsupport review of the event

My Cov Telegraph preview

John Coles master photographer, many of his photos are on this site

Without these guys 2-Tone @ 30 would not
have been possible.

Pete Chambers is proud to wear Ace Face Tonics

Huge thanks to Derek Harris and Harris Signs Group for making and installing the plaques